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SJAIS is offering a unique educational service that is exciting for students and a pleasant surprise for those parents who want the best education and career opportunities for their children. Our residential school, governed and managed by Indians, prepares students for the CBSE curriculum.


    St.Joan of arc International School is affiliated to the for CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) New Delhi up to the secondary school level, that is Grade XII.

Academic Programme and Levels of Learning

The school offers a quality education, taking into consideration the aspirations and needs of the students community at present. The curriculum  combines  a  variety  of  courses  in  art and  sciences  to  develop  a  desired  learning  outcome.  The student to teacher ratio is 20: 1 with average class strength of just 25. English is the medium of instruction with an option to select Tamil / Hindi / French as a second language.

Pre - Primary Level

The aim of this level is to introduce ‘HAPPY SCHOOLING’. We offer ‘The play way Montessori Method’ along with Phonetics training – A phonic based International English Learning programme to import speaking and reading skills for the Pre-Primary.

Primary level

This level of schooling commences from standard I to III. We offer International Primary Programme to develop English, Second language (Tamil / Hindi / French ), Mathematics and Science skills and knowledge in young children. Computer studies, Physical education, Art and Environmental studies along with Moral Instruction are also introduced at this level. The Primary Programme progresses students seamlessly into middle years curricula such as Lower Secondary Level which is a foundation for Secondary Level education.

Secondary level

Standard VIII to X comprise of the Secondary Level.

  • Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi curriculum provides English, second language (Tamil / Hindi), Mathematics, Science and Social studies.


From Grade I-V – As per NCERT syllabus following Delhi books.

From Grade VI-XII – Following NCERT books.

Higher Secondary Level

  • Standard XI and XII comprises of higher secondary level. In this level students are choosing the subjects as their wish from the following groups.
  • Group I-English, Mathematics Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Information Technology.
  • Group II- English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Information Technology and Physical Education.
  • Group III-English, Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Information Technology and Physical Education.