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The library has a good collection of books. Every student will find something of his interest to read. Students are taken to library periodically to develop the habit of reading books. Books can be borrowed and the Librarian guides the children in the school hours.


Well-equipped, modern laboratories of Biological and Physical Sciences provide children with opportunities to inspect, investigate and experiment theories taught in class rooms.

Computer lab

The spacious Computer Lab meets the challenging needs of the modern, technological world where computer is no longer a luxury but a basic necessity in all transactions.

Physical Education

‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’ is not only a belief but a practice with us. The school has provision for Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Shuttle-Cock, Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, throw ball and Athletics. Carroms, Chess and Table Tennis are the indoor games available in the school.

Communication, Language and Literacy

Students are encouraged to speak clearly and to listen to each other.  There are many opportunities to improve their language and communication skills. They are trained for the development of public speaking, debate and creative writing by joining literary clubs and other activities. Children are encouraged to develop an interest in books and are introduced to a reading scheme appropriate to them.


Students are grouped into three houses named like TERRA,NEPTUNE, and JUPITER. House-wise Competitions and Cultural events are organized periodically and members of each house strive and compete in a healthy atmosphere to see that their house gets the top place.The Houses are guided by experienced House Masters/Mistress.